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Laser technology is an exciting development for modern dentistry, allowing dentists to perform procedures with greater precision and with less pain and healing time than with traditional dental tools.

Laser dentistry tools and techniques vary according to the tasks they’re designed to accomplish.

Laser dentistry procedures

Some of the procedures a qualified dentist can perform with laser technology include the following:

Benefits of laser dentistry

Some of the benefits of laser technology in modern dentistry include the following:
Reduced need for anesthesia. Laser dentistry is less painful, less invasive, and requires less healing time than many traditional dental procedures.

  • Reduced bleeding, swelling, and pain - In laser procedures in which incisions are made, laser technology allows your dentist to make smaller, more precise incisions than traditional methods, decreasing bleeding, trauma, and postoperative discomfort.
  • Bleaching enhancement - In chairside tooth whitening procedures, a laser is used to enhance the whitening effect of the bleaching agents used.
  • Curing restorative surfaces - In procedures such as tooth bonding, a laser is used to quickly and effectively harden the surface of the bonding material, curing the tooth so it is sturdy and damage-resistant.
  • More effective decay removal - Laser tools allow dentists to remove tooth decay from damaged teeth quickly and effectively, with little or no pain for the patient.

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